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Slow down to go fast

Kerri works with leaders and teams to improve interpersonal communication, pull out of the day-to-day spin, achieve more than imagined, and feel fabulous about their work.  We help you slow down to go fast and leverage interpersonal communication so that there is more trust and increased productivity.


Learn how to motivate and engage staff, have hard conversations, and hold people accountable in ways that leaves them inspired.  Help your teams achieve more through your leadership.


Executive coaching is a partnership that helps leaders pull out of the day-to-day spin, slow down to go fast, and be held accountable to follow your True North.  In the end, you will achieve more with less work.


Team development work is about crystallizing the team's True North, slowing down to realize how each member's role affects the overall success, and collectively identify the norms, values, beliefs that ensure the team's  and success and wellness.


The Round Table Groups will help you discover blind spots, unlearn habits that are holding you back from shining your best, and give you a tight community to help you reflect about how you show up as a leader.  The group helps you go slow to go fast.