It's about progress,

not perfection.

Kerri Burchill, Ph.D.

Coach, Facilitator, Speaker, Consultant

Kerri's specialty is helping leaders and teams pull out of the day-to-day spin so they can slow down to go fast and achieve ambitious goals. 


Kerri has been rated in the top 20 coaches of San Antonio (check it out here).




“Kerri was an outstanding facilitator at our annual LEAP HR: Healthcare conference. In a room of more than 200 senior healthcare HR leaders, Kerri effectively set the context, made sure the conference kept to time, but most importantly made sure that energy remained high throughout 2 full days. She was committed to ensuring our attendees got the most out of their time at the event, and on a personal level she was great to work with, and I would highly recommend as a facilitator.” 

—  Jemma Boon, Brand Director, LEAP HR, hansonwade