About Us

Dr. Kerri Burchill is honored to be listed as one of the top 20 coaches in her home city of San Antonio, Texas:  check it out


Outside of her recognition as a coach, Kerri is the owner of North Star Coaching, a company that specializes in helping leaders and teams slow down to go fast.  North Star Coaching offers leadership development, team building, and culture support.

The name North Star Coaching comes from the symbolism associated with the North Star - a star that stays nearly still as the entire northern sky turns around it.  Just as the world spins around the North Star, leaders feel the day-to-day spin around them each day.  When leaders see clearly through that spin, they can keep focused on staying true to their North Star, their purpose and their ambitious goals.

North Star Coaching's purpose is to help you shine your brightest.  We support you staying true to your North Star, help you crystallize purpose, manage the spin of the skies around you, and achieve ambitious outcomes. 

Kerri believes in progress, not perfection.  Just as the North Star moves slightly, we know that the day-to-day spin leaders face can nudge them off course.  Let's face it - we all need structure and support to help be our best and achieve those ambitious outcomes.  North Star Coaching is that accountability partner, one that believes in you, holds you accountable to show up as your best self and shine your brightest, just like the North Star.

Our leadership and team building programs are
custom-made just for you!