North Star Coaching  Credentials

Dr. Kerri Burchill has a PhD in educational leadership and counseling from Eastern Michigan University with a dissertation focus on how university professors develop their pedagogical skills. Dr. Burchill also completed a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University and is currently credentialed through the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach. Dr. Burchill is also certified as a Master Coach offering ICF accredited coach training through Center for Executive Coaching.


In addition, Dr. Burchill has a Master of Human Resource Management, as well as a Master of Education from University of Alberta, Faculté St.- Jean. Her Master of Education was completed entirely in her second language, French, and the dissertation focused on how teachers perceived an innovative performance evaluation system. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Brigham Young University in English and French, complemented by a teaching certificate.


Dr. Burchill is honored with several awards and distinctions. She completed a Fellowship at the University of Windsor where she contributed to the research at the Faculty Development Center. Dr. Burchill was humbled to receive the University Fellowship Award, the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling Scholarship and the Women in Philanthropy grant from Eastern Michigan University. 

Dr. Burchill has been humbled with several prestigious awards. She was awarded the Alberta Centennial Medal for provincial leadership, volunteerism and community contributions. Prior to that, she was honored by the PanCanadian Teachers Choice Award for playing a significant role in the lives of students. 

Several organizations have benefitted from Dr. Burchill’s expertise.  She has taught at University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, New York City Department of Education, Ross University and the Calgary Board of Education. Dr. Burchill has presented at Johns Hopkins University, University of Windsor, Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Administration, Phi Delta Kappan, Society for Teaching and Learning, Graduate at the Podium, Central Illinois Volunteerism Society, Southern Illinois Healthcare, and the Calgary Board of Education. 

Dr. Burchill’s consulting work spans over a variety of industries: education, healthcare, engineering, food services, energy and human resources.



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