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North Star Leadership Academy

The North Star Leadership Academy is for leaders who are committed to taking their leadership to the next level.  Here, you slow down and examine how you need to show up as a leader to achieve your ambitious results.   Think of the the Academy as an accountability group.  This group of 8-10 leaders works together to connect, help each other slow down and ensure that everyone achieves their goals. 


The North Star Leadership Academy empowers you to tailor your learning and development plan so that you emerge as a richer, stronger and braver leader.   

In the North Star Leadership Academy, each leader:

  • Develops a goal that focused on soft skill development (if you work on the soft skills, the operational work will follow)

  • Create a way to measure soft skill growth

The group is responsible to: 

  • Be present

  • Listen

  • Ask great questions

  • Contribute to the safety and confidential nature of the North Star Leadership Academy


What is the time commitment?  The North Star Leadership Academy meets monthly for 90 minutes.  Any additional time will vary dependent upon the goal you choose.  Some participants set aside time to read professional books, others journal or connect with colleagues within the Academy to deconstruct next steps.

Pre-requisites:  vulnerability, accountability, openness and willing to grow. 

Check out the video below for some quotes on what leaders have taken away from this year's North Star Leadership Academy:

Leadership Development & Training

Everyone wants to succeed.  We will make that happen.

North Star Coaching's leadership development training programs are highly interactive.  In her first career, Kerri was an educator at places like Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan, so you can anticipate that her programs are highly interactive, stretch thinking and are tailor made every time. Whether there is one leader or an entire team, we train leaders to develop effective teams that achieve ambitious outcomes.

Check out our testimonial page here to hear from those who have participated in our leadership development training programs.


Common topics in the leadership development programs include (but not limited to):

  • Having hard conversations (without conflict)

  • Holding staff accountable (with higher engagement)

  • Creating psychological safety

  • Giving feedback so others are inspired

  • Adjusting leadership styles to suit situations

  • Aligning communication with mission and values

  • Strengthening emotional intelligence

  • Becoming more comfortable being authentic and vulnerable


Becoming a Certified Coach

North Star Coaching can certify coaches with a North Star Coaching coach designation. The delivery of this six-month program is built on your needs - it can be offered online, in-person training sessions, or a hybrid of both delivery methods.

Coaching skills are powerful. Whether you are wanting to improve your leadership skills by developing yourself as a coach, or you see the value of a coaching culture, or want to embark on a coaching career, this training will transform how you communicate, listen and grow others.