Leadership Training & Development


North Star Coaching's leadership development training programs are highly interactive.  In her first career, Kerri was an educator at places like Johns Hopkins University and the University of Michigan, so you can anticipate that her programs are educative, highly interactive, will stretch thinking and are tailor made every time. 

North Star Coaching partners with organization's leadership to identify gaps in training and build tailored curriculum to further develop leaders skill sets.  We help leaders slow down to go fast, so that the team members they serve have an increased trust in the leader and the organization, and use that trust as a motivator to be highly engaged and achieve more. 

Common topics in the leadership development programs include (but not limited to):

  • Employee retention

  • Motivation & engagement

  • Communication strategies

  • Accountability

  • Creating psychological safety

  • Giving feedback so others are inspired

  • Leadership styles

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Leadership identity

  • Continuous improvement

  • Project management

  • Change management

  • Culture work


Training Packages 

  • 90-minute workshop includes for groups up to 20 people:

    • Pre-meetings with leadership team to align content with organizational goals

    • Investment $1,199

  • Half day (3.5 hours) for up to 10 people includes: 

    • Interviews with several audience members to design tailored content
    • Pre-meetings with leadership team to align content with organizational goals
    • Investment:  $2,499

  • Full-day (7 hours) for up to 10 people includes:

    • Interviews with several audience members to design tailored content

    • Pre-meetings with leadership team to align content with organizational goals

    • Investment:  $4,499


Talk to Kerri about the options for larger groups.


Check out our testimonial page here to hear from those who have participated in our leadership development training programs.


Partnership in the development of an in-house coaching program

What is an "in-house coaching program"?


An in-house coaching program is one where the organization trains internal coaches.

Why is an in-house coaching program a great idea?


Bringing coaching in-house provides two over-arching benefits. 

First, developing in-house coaching programs help shift organizational culture.  How?  When leaders use coaching skills, they make the shift from a transactional leadership style (often solving the problems brought to them) towards a transformational style (empowering team members to be problem solvers).  Training leaders with coaching skills is a simple strategy towards higher engagement and increased employee motivation. 

Second, there are significant financial wins when you develop in-house coaches.  This program saves the company tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars by no longer outsourcing coaching contracts.  Employees become more engaged in problem solving, leaders' workloads are more balanced as they learn to empower employees in problem solving, and the entire workforce has a list of internal coaches that they can rely on to strategize around the challenges that face them.  

How does it work?


North Star Coaching will partner with your organization for 12 months to create an in-house coaching program.  Together over the course of a year, we work together to crystalize:

  • Vision, goals, and objectives,

  • Engage stakeholders

  • Develop curriculum tailored to organizational culture

  • Rollout training

  • Train the trainers that will do training post-engagement

The partnership wraps up with a seamless hand-off, as well as anything else that might come your way in the dynamic work of creating and implement a new program.  We will partner with you through thick and thin and see this program to fruition.

What are the wins?


Companies who invest in Kerri's coaching programs experience highlight leader- and culture-related wins.

​There are THREE wins related to the leaders being trained as coaches.  First, those leaders trained as coaches feel valued by the organization.  That sense of value strengthens their loyalty to the organization.  Second, the trained coaches report feeling more motivated at work because they appreciate the opportunity to coach their colleagues and serve someone in a different capacity.  Lastly, for many trained coaches, coaching is a welcome change from the day-to-day leadership work and, following the old adage, the change is as good as a rest.

Coaching programs deliver FIVE wins culturally.  First, coaching in and of itself fosters a problem solving mindset.   Second, the development of coaching skills simultaneously enhances communication skills.  Better communication serves to fosters trust, and trust then improves productivity.  Lastly, staff who engage in coaching simply feel more empowered. 

Finally, training in-house coaches saves the organization money and in many cases, offers support that may not be financially available if the organization is left to rely on externally contracted coaches.


12 months:  $47,999