I wanted to take a moment to express to you my gratitude for your leadership abilities and how the team of SIH is benefiting from your presence. You have the most magnificent way of thinking “outside of the box” and maintaining an unbiased, optimistic, yet truthful, view of situations and the people in them. I sincerely feel every time I meet with you, no matter what type of arena, I learn something new.

— Melina Cochran, Rehab Office Specialist Supervisor 

I have become more vulnerable.  And it's increased the trust in my team.

- Gary Williams, City Manager

Kerri's session on crucial conversations was both thought-provoking and engaging. Through sharing her own personal experiences with crucial conversations and simulating a crucial conversation on a topic that is a common stressor for our organization, Kerri helped us to see ways in which our teams could communicate better with each other. Plus, Kerri's willingness to tailor sessions to a variety of barriers to effective teamwork makes her an excellent choice for any organization that is struggling with team building or team functionality.  In short, she was flexible, fun, and very informative. 5 stars.

— Student, Southern Illinois University—Carbondale, Illinois

From this year in Junto [Leadership Academy], I am thinking differently. I see things from different perspectives.

- Bob Davenport, Realty Central Managing Broker

When I started the Leadership Academy, I was hoping to learn how to become a better leader, but I was a little leery since I’m not a manager. The beauty of the Academy is that you soon realize you don’t have to be a manager to be a leader. What surprised me the most was that, because of the academy, I am not only a better employee and leader for SIH, I am a better person. My past two years in the academy have been a blessing that I will forever be thankful for.

— Abby Woods

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